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Fabes Restore Kit

Fabes Sole


Fabes Restore Kit
Fabes Restore Kit Fabes Restore Kit Fabes Restore Kit Fabes Restore Kit Fabes Restore Kit Fabes Restore Kit Fabes Restore Kit

Fabes Sole


Fabes Restore Kit


Includes a bottle of our Premium Shoe Cleaning solution, standard scrub brush, along with the famous Fabes Sole Sauce. Ready to bring back any sneaker from the grave!


Premium Sneaker Cleaning Solution

- Developed from 8 natural oils

- 100% Natural and biodegradable

- Safe on shoes and the environment

- Does not contain any perfumes or dyes

- Gel based solution, not watered down

- Handcrafted wood handle brush with synthetic bristles

- Effectively cleans and conditions


Safe to use on:

- Suede

- Nubuck

- Leather

- Patent Leather

- Canvas

- Rubbber

- Plastic

- Vinyl

- Mesh

- Fly-Knit

- Foamposite & more!


How to use:


1. Wet Brush with warm water

2. Apply small amount of solution to brush

3. Scrub shoes creating a foaming action

4. Wipe clean with towel, repeat steps 1-4 if necessary

5. Air Dry


Fabes Sole Sauce

- Developed from 6 deoxidizing agents with the perfect chemical balance

- Reverts soles back to their natural factory tint

- Effective on all translucent and glow in the dark soles

- Brightens the glow properties of glow in the dark soles to glow even brighter!


Safe to use on:


- Translucent (clear/icy) soles

- Glow in the dark soles

- White rubber soles/midsoles

- Rubber toe caps

- Patent leather

- Netting of Jordan 5 models

- Heel tabs of Jordan 3 & Jordan 4 models


How to use:


1. Pre-clean the soles using Fabes Premium Shoe Cleaner

2. Equip protective latex gloves

3. Apply Fabes Sole Sauce to affected area

4. Cover with clear wrap

5. Set in UVB lighting (Sunlight, Reptile Light, etc.)

6. After completed session, wash off sauce with Fabes Premium Shoe Cleaner

7. Repeat if necessary


Projected Restores:

4oz - 2-3 pairs depending on condition.

8oz - 4-5 pairs depending on condition.


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