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Who is Fabe?

Who is Fabe?

Fabian McCallum born July 13th 1985 is the best friend of founder Steven Davis also known as @JrSnackz on instagram. They were both born on the same day and same year so they called themselves twins. Fabian was a huge sneaker enthusiast who loved all types of sneakers, from pro-keds to Supras. He wore them all. On February 12th 2011 Fabian was involved in a fatal car accident that took his life. It was his dream to one day open a sneaker boutique that would stand out above the rest. In honor of his name, this is his legacy. This is only the beginning.




                                                    R.I.P Fabian McCallum

                                           July 13th 1985 - February 12th 2011


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